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Official Rules

The Hollister Hills Off-Road Association (HHORA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting Hollister Hills SVRA and the riders that use it.  Events promoted by HHORA are designed to promote the sport of off-road motorcycling in a family friendly supportive environment. All participants in HHORA events are expected to participate in a manner that is respectful and considerate to people of all ages, race, gender, and riding ability. The rules here are designed to support this good spirit.


1.    Membership Requirement.  All HHORA race participants must be HHORA members.

2.    Classification Descriptions:
A - Highest classification - Intermediate and expert level.
B - This classifications is for riders with a good level of past race experience.
C - Beginner Rider Classification

3.    Age Requirements. Age requirements will be identified for each race and included on the race entry form. No rider under the age of 18 may compete without the written consent (signature on liability release form and race entry) of his/her parents or legal guardians present at the event. An authorized adult acting on behalf of the parents or legal guardians must provide a notarized statement indicating they have been given the authority by the parent or legal guardian to be responsible for the minor during the event. The parents, legal guardians or authorized adult must remain present while the minor is at the event.

4.    Entry Registration. Participants must sign all entry blanks in ink.  HHORA may refuse the entry of a rider who has not made arrangements to pay medical bills or ambulance bills incurred as a result of injuries at a previous events sponsored by HHORA.

5.    Participants and anyone associated with participants must not consume or be under the influence of intoxicants or drugs that could affect their normal mental or physical ability. Failure to comply may result in disqualification of the rider. Besides affecting the safety of the meet, any such use is inconsistent with the concept of good sportsmanship and the values of HHORA.

6.    Participants and anyone associated with race participants who direct foul and/or abusive language to event volunteers or others will be subject to disqualification and ejection from the event.

7.    Participants or parents/legal guardians of minor participants are responsible for the actions of their family members and pit crews. Actions of family members and pit crews can be grounds for disqualification of participants.

8.    Abuse of the rules listed in this section may result in suspension or expulsion from the HHORA.


1.    Only riding to and from the course is allowed "No pit riding".

2.    No alcohol in the pit area.

3.    No pets, and no one under 12 years old in the Pit Area.

4.    Pit area speed is 5 mph.

5.    Pit area fueling is with engine off "dead engine".

6.    No smoking or open flames in the pit area.


1.    Motorcycles used in HHORA events must be maintained in a safe manner with all controls working properly.  Any unsafe conditions on a participant's motorcycle are grounds for disqualification.

2.    Riders must wear appropriate safety equipment:
- Dot approved helmets with chin strap properly fastened

- Eye protection must be worn at all times

- Long sleeve shirts, gloves and pants
- Sturdy high top boots that extend at least 2 inches above the ankle.

3.    Motorcycles must have a USFS approved spark arrestor and exhaust system that meet 96 db or sound standards established by Hollister Hills SVRA.

4.    All motorcycles must be currently registered (Red/Green Sticker)

5.    HHORA reserves the right to hold a tech inspection to enforce the rules of this section.


1.    Participants must be able to control his/her motorcycle at all times. This includes stopping, starting, standing still, mounting, dismounting, and putting one or both feet on the ground. The referee has the authority to disqualify a rider who can't safely control his/her motorcycle. This may include immediate direction to leave the race course.

2.    Dangerous or foul riding is defined as a rider who, in the opinion of the Referee, is unintentionally riding in such a manner as to be hazardous to the other riders. Foul riding is defined as a rider who, in the opinion of the Referee, purposely uses any part of his body or his machine to physically make contact or interfere with another rider, including any rider who steers or drifts from his course in such a manner as to impede any rider who may be attempting to pass. The Referee will exclude or penalize riders who, in the sole discretion of the referee, engage in foul or dangerous riding. There will be no protest or appeal against a Referee’s decision as to foul or dangerous riding.

3.    Course cutting will result in docking of a lap or disqualification from event. Course cutting includes leaving the designated course to gain an advantage of any type (time, race position, rest, etc.).

Participants must respect direction of all course workers. Should a participant wish to protest direction given by a course worker, the protest must be made with the referee.


1.    Events will be scored using a system at the discretion of HHORA.

2.    Riders must come to a complete stop when being scored at the home check. Riders must be courteous to scoring crew.

3.    HHORA uses the following OFFICIAL FLAGS

-Green flag: Indicates start of race or clear track conditions.

-Yellow flag: Indicates a potentially hazardous situation on or near the track. Exercise caution.

-White flag: Indicates final lap of race.

-Checkered flag: Indicates end of race or practice session. Proceed around course to the designated track exit.

-Red flag: Indicates race has stopped and there is an emergency situation.

-Black flag: Indicates a problem with your motorcycle or a disqualification. Riders are not permitted to return to the racecourse unless cleared by the Referee.

4.    It is the rider’s responsibility to ensure assigned number is visible and that bar code is visible for scanning. Failure to ensure both of these conditions may result in a rider not being scored.

5.    Official results will be posted as soon as possible after each event.  A protest period of 20 minutes after results are posted shall be provided. Participants wishing to protest must notify the referee during that 20 minute period. HHORA cannot guarantee same day race results. In the rare occasion that race results are not posted the same day of the event there shall be a notice stating the protest period.


1.    Impound - 5mph.  All motorcycles, other than the starting bike, must be in Impound before race starts. No motorcycles can be fueled or worked on while in Impound. No pit crews allowed in Impound. Two riders are allowed in Impound, but only while changing bikes.

2.    Pits - 5mph. Pits are considered part of the course. Only one bike is allowed in the pits while racing, getting fueled or being worked on. This is NOT a Hot Pit, bikes must be off (dead engine) when fueling, no exceptions.  Rider changes can be made in the pits, bike changes are made in impound.


1.    HHORA may establish additional event specific rules and include these rules within the event specific flyer.

Revised 5/14/2016


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